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& Instructor

Avni loves science, writing, debate, running and swimming. Some of her favorite books are A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawkings and Einstein for Dummies! She has strong background in Science, Math and Debate and has published her own fantasy novel. Avni loves to teach and has been teaching since middle school. She is also recipient of President’s Volunteer Service Award. 

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Avi enjoys math, biology, computer science and swimming. He loves to volunteer at local charities and has received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2023. In his free time, he likes to read, play the piano, and work out at the gym. He is passionate about learning new science topics and sharing his knowledge with others, especially his occasionally hesitant family.


Vice President & Instructor

Aria is an avid animal lover, debater, runner, and science enthusiast. Her favorite topics in science are astrophysics and engineering, and she has built robots and wood houses for dogs. As a high school freshman, she reached quarter finals in national level tournaments including national qualifiers for debate . Aria brings her experiences in science fairs, hands on experience in building things and debate skills as vice president and instructor.

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Anika is a freshman in high school who loves dogs, music, dance, and singing. She plays piano, guitar, and ukulele. Volunteering and meeting new people is something she very much enjoys. She always looks forward to helping at the foundtlessons.


Shilpa Bansod
Founder & Advisor

A software engineer by profession, Shilpa is an educator by passion - if a kid will learn, she will teach! From dance instructor to Science Bowl mentor, she loves empowering kids so they can flourish.

Ashutosh Jogalekar started his career in science by making nitroglycerin in his home’s spare bathroom and housing emerald beetles in his mother’s pickle jars. He is passionate about all fields of science and communicating them to the public and has written a blog about the history and philosophy of science for fifteen years.


Priti Rangnekar is an undergraduate at Stanford University studying computer science. Whether teaching programming classes, competing in speech and debate, or conducting astrophysics research, she has always been passionate about STEM and education. As an advisor, she looks forward to making science accessible and fun to curious students!



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